These are some ideas for students to consider.  Some of these would lead to unique research projects, the kind that no one else in the world is likely to carry out but YOU. Some of these could lead to collaborative work between the student and this professor, or between students working on related topics, either prior to any potential Honors Thesis work, or subsequently.

  1. Primary analysis of raw linguistic data for Guichicovi Mije, an indigenous language belonging to the Mije-Sokean language family.  This variant is spoken in Oaxaca, Mexico, and is part of a language generically referred to by linguists as Isthmus Mixe.  Regardless of its specific dialect, this remains a very poorly documented language, and essentially wide open for research.
  2. Graphic, orthographic, phonetic, morhological, syntactic analysis of Mayan hieroglyphic texts.
  3. Sociolinguistic variation in ancient Mayan texts.
  4. Historical reconstruction of Mayan languages.
  5. Linguistic tagging and analysis of Guichicovi Mije recordings.
  6. Linguistic tagging and analysis of hieroglyphic text corpora.