Drawings of Quotative Glyphic Captions of K1398, “The Regal Rabbit Vase”


David F. Mora-Marín
Universidad de Carolina del norte
Chapel Hill


In the Fall of 1995 I wrote a paper for a religion class on Classic Mayan religion in which I described the case of the text on K1398, a Naranjo-style vase dating to the Late Classic period, as an example of story-telling genre involving deities. My paper is too out of date to be worth citing here, and so much work has been carried out on this topic for me to provide an overview, much less a review, here. In the References section I merely provide a few basic sources.


Figure 1 shows the photo of K1398 available through Justin Kerr’s Maya Vases archive. The reader will notice four captions, each associated with one of the depicted figures, and at least three of them connected to such figures by means of a speech scroll emanating from the figures’ mouths.


Figure 1



Figures 2-5 show my ink drawings of these captions in top-to-bottom, left-to-right order, as they appear in the photo. I prepared enlarged photocopies of the photograph and traced the captions directly with ink pens. I was an undergraduate student at the time, so check the drawings against high-resolution photos before you decide to use them (for academic purposes); if you do use them, please cite this Note.


Figure 2


Figure 3


Figure 4


Figure 5


If I finish my drawings of the rest of the text on the vessel at some point, I’ll make sure to post them as a future Note in this series.



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